México city´s love hotel: Cuore

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Cuore means “heart” in italian, but the concept of this love hotel is more japanse.

Ok, so lets pray for Japan but meanwhile, why not meet in this lovely place, if you visit Mexico City, for as less as 50 bucks?.

what is a love hotel about? Well, that’s kind of obvious, but the background is that the USA troops in Japan after WWII prohibited prostitution, (it was legal until then in that country) just to become latter  a major customer of the japanese traditional Geisha.

That’s when love hotels arise.

A Love hotel is an hotel that scream what is for: sex intercourses. they can be rent for hours or nights the interaction with the staff can be minimum to none (via room keys spending machines). And sometimes  plenty of sex gadgets.

love hotel cuore

The hotel Cuore is in the south of Mexico City, you can get there by the suburban train (called tren ligero) or by car.

There´s plenty of other touristic attractions, like the IMPRESSIVE museum Dolores Olmedo, and you can watch world class soccer not far away from there in the second world biggest stadium, el Azteca.

The frontview of the hotel don’t try to fool anyone: red neon hearts everywhere , over black crystal mirrors. Sound kitsch? think twice with this clean, cozy place.

México city´s love hotel: Cuore 1

The fact that is designed for sex (the rooms even have swing seats) does not mean they don´t  tried to put romance on the mix: many romantic spanish songs do decorate the finnest rooms. Example

quitate el vestido, las flores y las trampas
ponte la desnuda violencia que recatas
y ven a mis brazos
dejemos los datos
seamos un cuerpo enamorado

deja que descubra los montes de tu mapa
la cocupiscencia secreta de tu alma
y ven a mis brazos
dejemos los datos
seamos un cuerpo enamorado

pideme que viole las leyes que te encarnan
que no quede intacto ni un poro en la batalla
y ven a mis brazos
dejemos los datos
seamos un cuerpo enamorado

dime lo que sientes
no temas si me matas
que yo solo entiendo tus labios como espadas
y ven amis brazos
dejemos los datos
seamos un cuerpo enamorado


go ahead

take out the dress, the flowers and the the traps

just wear that naked violence you hide

And come, to my arms

lets forget the data

and start being a body

in loveeeeeee

Our friend Lucho de paso has made a exahustive review for our readers (in spanish)  http://guiahoteldepaso.blogspot.com/

She says:

Clean and nice place, but the zpne is not that nice, you can hear the noise of the cars from the street (and trucks and patrols). Details such  as a the pole and the steps has potential! (for kinky people of course, not for me) , many other details as the sliding mirror with erotic poetry. The swing seat is really something, but a little bit high and maybe dangerous. Nice , big TV, good water pressure in the bathroom and the jacuzzi is really confortable (but the wooden floor gets sometimes sloppy) I’ll give it a 9 out of 10.

:México city´s love hotel: Cuore 2
He says:

The room is clean and has a great decoration. The service is not that good, the employes are not rude but not too nice either. A wonderful thing to me was WiFi, one router per floor, so you always have a fast connexion. they have lots of switches in the room, so you can create various light effects with little effort, but they are note complicated. Towels, soft  and clean (believe me on this, I know many hotels not as halfs as good on this), Room service is nice and cheap! (Club sandwich MX$70 y tacos  MX$50).

Poles, and steps on the room really make your night tastier. The swing  seat seems a little odd to me,  I´m not into it really. This is anyway, one of my favorites ever, you should really give it a try.

Hotel Cuore, location: this is so near of the stadium, that you could be syc your orgasms with the goaaaaaaaaaal! screams in a game saturday.

México city´s love hotel: Cuore 3

Hotel Cuore, Calzada de Tlalpan 3325, Col. Santa Ursula Coapa. Tel. (LADA 0155) 15 17 45 40. A few blocks away from  bowling  Tlálpan.

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